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Lykle Twisted Neck

oppskrift sjal
Finally I have translated the pattern for the english speaking visitors :)

 My grandma taught me an old Swedish knittingmethod which I used for `Lykle Twisted Neck`.
The neck is knit back and forth as a square. And then joined with a twist.

4 skeins: Permin Safira or other Aran yarn of your choice.
Circular needles: 8mm/US11 and 6mm/US10
Tapestry needle or crochet hook

Finished circumference: approx. 88cm
Length: approx. 38cm

SSP: slip stich purlwise
K2tog: knit 2 stiches together
YO: yarn over
K1: knit one stich

The cast on is done in 4 rounds. In lack of a larger needle I used a double needle (8mm/ US11) for the first round. *always slip the first stich as if to purl, so that the work will have a nice chain-edge.*

ROW 1: Cast on 51 stiches
Switch to 6mm/US10 circular needle
ROW 2: slip the first stich as if to purl. // YO, K1. Repeat from //
ROW 3: slip the first stich as if to purl // SSP, YO, K1. Repeat from //
ROW 4: slip the first stich as if to purl // SSP, YO, K2tog. Repeat from //
Repeat ROW 4 until work measures 38cm or your desired length.

Cast of is done in two rounds
First round of cast of: slip the first stich as if to purl // SSP, K2tog. Repeat from //
Final cast of: cast of using your preferred method. Be sure to knit all stiches, and not to tight so that you will get a nice edge

You should now have a rectangular piece. Twist the work once and place the short sides of the work together. Join using your preferred method. I crocheted the sides together but I am sure there are better ways to do it.

Please let me know if you find any errors in the translation.
Good luck!

SSP: slip stich purlwise 
YO: yarn over

K2tog: knit 2 stitches together

for pictures of a triangular scarf using the same method press  HERE
for norwegian version of pattern press HERE

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  1. Lekkert sjal!
    Imponert over at du har oversatt oppskriften til engelsk...

    Tusen takk for koselige kommentarer!


  2. Så utrolig flott!! :)

    Ja, det er det jeg har hørt ihvertfall - ang marihøne og roselus.. kanskje jeg har hørt feil ;) ops!

  3. this is a lovely stitch pattern; I am looking through my cupboard of yarn, and found a lovely silk blend that would make a very pretty cowl for my daughter. T

    Thanks for this pattern!

  4. I also thank you very much for taking the time and trouble to translate this for your English-speaking knitters. I liked the look of the blue variegated one you showed first, and hoped another version would be made available.

    Tusen takk, from me also.


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